Metro Brass is collectively two related brass ensembles in the musically diverse Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Large Brass

Metro Brass is the original full large brass ensemble. With eleven brass players and one percussionist, it can have a very moving sound. The music runs a very wide range of genres. You may hear classics from the golden age of the American Songbook from crooners such as Frank Sinatra backed by a swinging big bang. Or exciting music from screens large and small: the great Broadway and West End musicals, the giant movie scores, hit themes from television, or even the best music from video games. Or you may catch us in a more serious mood with music from the master composers of Baroque to Modern times. Many of our arrangements are our own originals that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Brass Quintet

The Metro Brass Quintet is a smaller ensemble made up of members from the full large ensemble. With five brass players, it becomes much more mobile and has a larger commercial library of music available. The music runs a similar wide range of genres as the large ensemble, but simply fits into more cozy spaces.

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